Amidst the Pandemic

Amidst the Pandemic

A Tale of Hyun Ji and Dereck

Sherwin Winn Zarate


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Messaging is a very powerful tool for Kim Hyun Ji and Dereck Samuels. They are thousands of kilometers apart. They are from two different continents and two different cultures. They never thought that their constant communication will make them close to each other.

They found true love from each other. They worked to make their differences nonexistent. They worked to make their two worlds as one. They walked through every barrier in front of them. Communication made their love for each other unbreakable.

They found happiness from their love. They found the secret to their undying love to each other. They always have it. They never let the day pass without it. The fruit of their labor showed when they become one. Their life is complete simply because they always talk to each other.


Sherwin Winn Zarate: